After the devastating loss of our beloved daughter, Laura, a group of our closest friends felt moved to join us in taking action to promote significant change within the current legislation, as well as raising awareness about how easy it is to register as a donor and help save people's lives.


Laura Ball            Julie Rossiter          Lisa Rolf           Julie Kenny        

                                          Anita Hamilton


John Hamilton       Maggie O'Reilly      Denise Davidson   

Angie Hillman        Tim Kenny               Keith Rolf           Sharon Carver    

Jackie Denning      Becky Nicholson  

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following who have given immense support to our cause

John & Marsha Rae  of Variety Club / Gold Heart Appeal

Anne & Peter of Brighton Pier              Jess  of The Argus

Russ  of Variety Club                              Matt & Team of Brighton Seagulls

Here's everyone at the Balloon Release Day on Brighton Pier